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Ancient Paths, the radio broadcast for Remnant Christian Assembly, ceased airing in May 2011. Most of the final broadcasts are now available with more broadcasts from the archives, covering several years, to be made available soon.

Though we have ceased broadcasting, check back in the near future for new recordings, prepared specifically for our Internet audience. There are also plans to begin producing podcasts.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Archive last updated: Thursday, July 7, 2011.

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Farewell Fireside Chats: In preparation for going off the air, Pastor Hood and The Gallery provide a brief summary of Remnant's ministry topics and provide ministry-ending exhortations and challenges for our listeners.

Be Ready: Listen to an exhoration by Elder Jason Stoops from an 2011 service at Remnant Christian Assembly, where he challenges God's people to be in a state of readiness towards the Lord Jesus!

Behold the Vagabond: In the book of Acts, we learn of "vagabond Jews" that went about engaging in acts that were actuallly reserved for those wit the Holy Ghost. The end of the matter? After attempting to cast out a demon, the possessed individual beat the men out of their clothes and put them to shame. Sadly, the characteristics of a vagabond extend far beyond the personas of the seven sons of Sceva. Listen to "Behold the Vagabond" as Pastor Hood brings clarity to this matter and addresses its dangers and presence among us today.

Brokenhearted: As a segue between longer topics, Pastor Hood presents issues associated with being brokenhearted and God's heart towards such.

Revisiting Sodom: Jeremiah 23:14 says "I have seen also in the prophets of Jerusalem an horrible thing: they commit adultery, and walk in lies: they strengthen also the hands of evildoers, that none doth return from his wickedness; they are all of them unto me as Sodom, and the inhabitants thereof as Gomorrah." Though physical Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed during the days of Abraham, places that spiritually reflect the corruption of such places can and do still exist. Listen to "Revisiting Sodom," as Pastor Hood provides insight on the associated issues in today's church world.

Keep Yourselves in the Love of God: These segments, from a recent Bible Study at Remnant, focus on the second part of Jude 21, where God's people are commanded to look for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.

Love Through Exposure (Prelude): Many feel that it's out-of-order or unloving to expose someone's misdeeds. The scriptures, however, declare otherwise. In the segments provided below, in a recent Prelude session, Evangelist Robin Williams covers Deuteronomy 13 and various examples from God's word illustrating the purpose and love demonstrated in exposure.

His Doctrine: First Timothy 4:16 tells us to take heed to ourselves and the doctrine and to continue doing such. The results? We'll save ourselves, as well as saving those who hear us. Unfortunately, doctrine is downplayed in Christendom today. In this series, Pastor Hood speaks about the importance of doctrine and provides examples of Christ's doctrine for us to consider and to examine ourselves, whether we be in the faith.

Love May Abound: Remnant's Assistant Pastor, Elder Lawrence Gates, shares a recent Sunday Morning Prelude lesson concerning the importance of God's love abounding in our lives and how this is accomplished.

2010 Anniversary Consecration Trilogy: Sharing excerpts from the 2010 Anniversary Consecration services.

Why Sit We Here?: A look at the lepers from 2 Kings and the appropriate attitude they took to achieve deliverance and to help deliver the nation.

Fireside Chat on Response to Leadership: A series of discussions focusing on the dynamics of responding to God-ordained and God-sent leadership in the body of Christ.

A Passion for Retention: A recent Prelude lesson taught by Evangelist Robin Williams, focusing on the importance of retaining God in one's knowledge.

All That Glitters, Part 3: This broadcast features a segment from a message focusing on the truth about relationships, what God is calling for from them, and the determination and submission required in order to be successful from God's perspective.

Fireside Chat: Random Kingdom of God-related discussions with Pastor Hood and Remnant attendees (a/k/a "The Gallery").

It Just Ain't Christian (Encore): Pastor Hood and the Gallery revisited one of the most talked about Ancient Paths Broadcasts, addressing various topics and elements that are commonly believed among professing Christians and exposing their inaccuracies and dangers.

Disciples Reproved (A Trip to Sardis): This broadcast is from a recent Bible Study at Remnant, focusing on how God interacts with His people — especially encouraging us not to think less of ourselves in a time of correction. This segment of the series contains a verse-by-verse exposition of God's address from Revelation to the church at Sardis.

Roots: Paul exhorted us to be "rooted and grounded in the faith". Paul also said, "Doth not nature teach us some things?" In this message, Pastor Hood takes a look at the nature, structure, and operation of roots, paralleling these findings with God's call upon our lives.

The Gainsaying of Korah: Jude 11 says "Woe unto them! for they have gone in the way of Cain, and ran greedily after the error of Balaam for reward, and perished in the gainsaying of Core." Core (or Korah, as it is rendered in the Old Testament) was an extremely dangerous individual. He and his cohorts, in their arrogance, rose up against Moses and Aaron. Unfortunately, as illustrated by Jude's address, the spirit of Korah is alive and well amongst God's people in these last days. In this message, Pastor Hood addresses the person of Korah, the traits of the spirit of Korah, and the dangers this spirit poses to God's people today.

The Call to Clean House: Many preach and teach 2 Corinthians 6:14's call to "Be not unequally yoked together with unbelievers..." (usually, incorrectly, and only applying the passage to dating), but few truly expound upon the context of that verse or the following passages. Listen to "The Call to Clean House" as Pastor Hood reviews and presents the true context of the message contained in 2 Corinthains 6:14 - 7:1 and the call to cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.

Bewitched: Crazed Christians: This message, from the early days of Remnant's operation, covers Paul's rebuke to the Galatians and addresses God's call to true belivers to overcome the challenge of being bewitched.

When I See The Blood: Have you ever practiced what some people call "pleading the blood"? Have you ever searched the scriptures to confirm whether or not this practice is valid? Furthermore, have you ever reviewed God's charge to the children of Israel when they were delivered from Egypt just to gain an understanding of what really took place and what the blood actually signified. Review the messages posted below as Pastor Hood takes time to review God's address, the tokens of obedience presented in Exodus, and the relevance of it all for us today.

Believe Not Every Spirit (Fireside Chat): Listen in as Pastor Hood and the Gallery continue discussing the challenge of "believing not every spirit and trying the spirits whether they are of God".

Believe Not Every Spirit: In this recording from a recent Remnant Christian Assembly Bible Study, Pastor Hood takes time to break down 1 John 4:1, placing focus on the call to try and beware of false teachers, as well as developing the skills necessary to accurately identify truth and error in the things we hear.

The Need for Nobility: After getting run out of Thessalonica and ministering in Berea, Paul and Silas noticed a stark difference among the people at large. The people in Berea were found to be "more noble" than those in Thessalonica. The Bereans didn't take the word at face value, but were found with readiness of mind, searched the scriptures daily to confirm the truthfulness and integrity of Paul's ministerial efforts, and believed. Such attitudes are void from most church circles today. Listen to "The Need for Nobility" as Pastor Hood and the Gallery chime in on this subject.

Like David: Many read the Psalms and think they know David. Many quote various scriptures within the Psalms and think they have an understanding. Many even quote song lyrics saying "When the Spirit of the Lord comes upon my heart, I'll dance like David danced" without knowing how or why David danced. In this series, to help facilitate proper self-examation and soberness, Pastor Hood and The Gallery take time to look at the life, attitude, character, and person of David.

Flattery: The subject of "flattery" is rarely covered in Christendom today, but is also, unfortunately, a common occurrence. Listen to archived broadcasts as Pastor Hood covers several scriptures on this oft-overlooked topic.

Free For All (on Marriage): Pastor Hood and The Gallery spent a couple of weeks between series discussing various issues and elements associated with marriage.

Little Known Sins: Fornication. Adultery. Smoking. Lying. Stealing. Knowledge of sins amongst those in Christendom is usually limited to more common elements. And even many of the common elements aren't properly understood. God challenges the true believer, however, to have a broader understanding and scope of what constitutes sin. After all, inability to accurately identify sin will result in the inability to lay aside sin. In this series, Pastor Hood and the Gallery take time to discuss "little known sins", as well as many things inaccurately called out as sin in the church world.

What A Difference A Word Makes: The child of God is called to take the yoke of Jesus and learn of Him. We are also called to study to show ourselves approved unto God, rightly dividing the word of truth. Part of the calls to learn and study includes obtaining an understanding of various words used in scripture. Failure to do so can easily result in wresting the scriptures. In this series, Pastor Hood and The Gallery take time to discuss and highlight the benefits of vocabulary study, its importance to overall Bible study, and how such study can impact our discipleship.

Understanding the Inheritance: The true believer is in line to receive an inheritance from the Lord God Almighty. What is that inheritance? How do we qualify? How do we maintain that qualification? Listen to the following broadcasts from this brief series to learn or hear more.

Be Not Deceived: This topic presents various elements associated with the edict from God to every believer to make sure not to allow deception to take place in one's own life. Failure to keep this critical commandment is something nobody can afford. Click on a link provided below for more on this subject.

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Free For All: As a segue between series, Pastor Hood and the Gallery discuss any topics that arise under the unction of the Holy Ghost.

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Matthew 23 Fireside Chat: As a follow-up to "The Mark of the Pharisees", we're conducting a 3-week fireside chat, focusing on Jesus' exposure of the Pharisees in Matthew 23.

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The Mark of the Pharisees: Today's church world is filled with imposters. To maintain their status and fulfill the purpose of the enemy, these imposters are in the business of abusing and slandering those who truly name the name of Christ and depart from iniquity by labelling such people as "Pharisees". As a result, the Pharisees, their acts, and characteristics are misrepresented and the faithful are treated as the "bad guys" and subjected to persecution. To help everyone desirous of truth stand against such assaults and to enhance our discernment levels, this series provides much needed insight about the characteristics associated with the Pharisees of yesteryear and today.

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Acknowledgement of Sin: Listen as Pastor Hood teaches about the importance of being honest before God concerning one's sins and the benefits that result from such transparency.

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Consecration Highlights: Listen to excerpts of exhortations from past Remnant Christian Assembly Anniversary Consecration services (2007 and 2008).

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Fireside Chat: General discussion about things pertaining to the kingdom of God with Pastor Hood and the gallery.

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The Exclusionary Gospel: This series, Pastor Hood covers a grossly overlooked topic in Christendom—aspects of the gospel that must either be complied with, shunned, avoided, or absent in a person's life in order to partake of and benefit from the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Grace & Good Works: In this series, Pastor Hood is addressing and exposing the popular fallacies being taught about grace (e.g., "grace is God's unmerited favor") and illustrating how the true grace of God ("divine influence upon the heart and its reflection upon one's life") is not only connected to good works—it produces them.

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Glorifying God: The true Christian is called to glorify God. This series focuses on the call to glorify Him, as well as various ways that the true Christian can and will do so.

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Friendship With Jesus: Friendship with God is made light of on today's church scene. This series focuses on God's perspective of friendship—requirements, conditions, benefits, and other various perspectives.

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Eye Openers: How sharp is your perception? Your spiritual well-being depends on the answer? God's desire is that the eyes of our understanding will be enlightened. This series will address the importance of understanding, as well as addressing various aspects of scripture and Christianity that aren't readily understood. This series also features attendees of Remnant Christian Assembly and Ancient Paths listeners sharing their insights and testimonies about God opening their eyes and delivering them from heresy and vain worship.

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Spiritual Blindness: Do you take your sight for granted? How about your spiritual eyesight? Many professing Christians don't understand that spiritual sight is a privilege AND that blindness is an element that we must all contend with. This series covers various passages of scripture that address the topic of "spiritual blindness" and the contributing factors and fruit associated with this "disease".

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Perfection in Perspective: From a child we heard and embraced the phrase "nobody's perfect" and a non-Biblical definition of perfection. The whole time, we were being subjected to a demonic stronghold and being blinded to the mind of Christ concerning this subject. Not only can we be perfect, but God is commanding us to be just that. This series is covering what the Bible has to say about perfection and our associated responsibilities.

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It Just Ain't Christian: As a segue from "Unmasking False Claims of Love", this series addresses practices, concepts, and mindsets that are accepted in the church world that actually contradict the doctrine and integrity of the kingdom of God.

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