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Through the grace and power of God and various ministerial venues such as services, the Ancient Paths radio broadcast, and Cry Aloud (our weekly e-mail exhortational), Remnant's ministry extends into over 80 countries —locally and via the Internet. Regardless of location, however, all God's people are precious and share in the good news of the movement of God's mighty hand. You can also share in the goodness of God through service highlights and testimonies such as those posted below:

* * *

In a day and age where the false mindset that “God is doing a new thing” is rampant (and knowing He is the same yesterday, today and forever, we know this is false), I thank God for the consistency of God’s truth that has been the foundation of this ministry. I have been with Remnant Christian Assembly since the beginning and I thank God that through all we have been through, the word of God remains unadulterated. The same passion and integrity for truth that was present at our first service ("Welcome to the War Room" was that first message) is the same passion and integrity that blesses people around the world on our 7th anniversary. I thank God for Pastor Hood, his wife, and all the RCA family. Remnant is a place of safety and I thank God for allowing me to be here.

T.W., Southfield, MI

• • • • •

Greetings to you all in the precious name of our Lord Jesus. I thank God for Remnant Christian Assembly and for the grace of God upon Pastor Hood in teaching the word of God as raw and undiluted especially through Cry Aloud which has touched my life and the life of so many people throughout the globe. It is too hard to hear such undiluted word from the pulpit because most of the pastors in this end time looks for their belly. Cry Aloud has been a blessing to me, it refreshes my spirit each time I read it, so I encourage you, pastor, to continue with the good work you are doing in the body of Christ for in due season you shall reap if you faint not. I pray that you have a fruitful and blessed anniversary week in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

T.O., Nigeria, West Africa

• • • • •

I have been greatly blessed by your messages from Cry Aloud Ministries. One thing I must admit is that the messages go beyond the norm (ordinary preaching) in our churches today. We have too much of carnal driven self glorifying messages today that leave Christians far from the Kingdom-living and make us more vulnerable as we stagger (and fall) in pursuit of vain promises. Your messages are real/sober and help build the Church of Christ - that is in you and me, and not the structures that we call churches. Every time, as I read the messages, I feel that I am in the position of Timothy ... being admonished to be “transformed through the renewing of my mind” so that I am tuned to the real things of God. These are things that last and not just pass away - things of the Kingdom. I have realised that having all what we run and fight for without God is simply diving into snares set on our path to “seeing” God. Many Christians have already fallen into the trap, and no wonder there are so many of us who are harrassed and frustrated just riding along - not having the fullness of Christ in us. In this process we have demeaned the noble work of the Cross. Thank you for the messages. I can write more but I hope this gives you a hint of what they (messages) mean to me and others that I share with. God bless you richly and may He prosper the Cry Aloud Ministries. On behalf of my family I send our warm regards to you and wish you all God’s favour and wisdom as you celebrate your anniversary.

BM & MM, Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa

• • • • •

Dear Remnant Christian Assembly, I salute you in the name of our Lord and Saviour, trusting that our good God has kept you sound and well. I want to let you know that you are great bleesing for me and our ministry for the teaching materials that I always receive from CRY ALOUD. If I can recall some specials topics that have blessed us alot - Flattery Will Get You Nowhere, The Source of your Revelation, Focus:Growth .........and the list is long. GOD BLESS YOU PASTOR HOOD! We are praying that one time you will be able to come in person and be a blessing to us. I wish you a POWER-packed Anniversary full of God’s glory.

KDO, Kenya, East Africa

• • • • •

Has the Lord impacted you through this ministry? Feel free to contact us to share your highlight or testimony.

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