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Service Topics & Highlights

Interested in hearing about topics and subjects covered at recent Remnant services? Here are a few recently-covered subjects and highlights from those services and sessions as told by Remnant attendees:

Date: March 30, 2008
Speaker: Elder Oscar Hobson
Topic: Understanding the Undulations of Life
Text: Genesis 37-45

In a world where there are so many false teachers and wolves, it is always wonderful to hear guest speakers who can truly bless us with solid teaching of the Word of God.  Then we are blessed not only by the teaching they bring but also by the knowledge that there are other places where God's people gather and are fed truth.

When Elder Hobson spoke on March 30, 2008 during our Discipleship Bootcamp, he spoke on the life of Joseph in Genesis chapters 37-45. It helped me in "Understanding the Undulations of Life," as he called the message. We will be on the mountain sometimes, in the valley sometimes, and in between sometimes, but God uses it all to shape us.We will reap the benefit if we do not despair but trust in the Lord during whatever stage of the undulation we're in.

M.B., West Bloomfield, MI

• • • • •

Elder Hobson began by talking about the ups and downs that we have in life, and how we deal with those.  God brought to mind the issues that I was facing and how these were needed so that I can learn more about his faithfulness and sovereignty.  This lesson showed how Joseph maintained his integrity in the pit and in prison. He wasn't bitter, he told the truth, he acknowledged God even in prison when interpreting dreams, and he kept his cool.  People forgot about him and lied on him.  But, he still maintained.  In looking at this, I can acknowledge God's presence in the ups and downs of my life.  Even though situations are dark, this allows me to draw nigh to God and learn of his perfect peace.  To see how he enabled me to sleep when I was troubled within.  The lessons learned in the valley enable me to handle the joy of the mountain top.

The valley experiences also build our character and enable us to learn more about God's will.  Now when I find myself in the valley, my prayers are directed more at what God wants me to learn rather than crying to get out.  I realize now that I may have to endure the darkness and solitude of the valley in order to get to where God needs me to be.

A.B., Sterling Heights, MI 

Date: March 7, 2008 (Friday)
Speaker: Pastor Hood
Topic: Rapture-Ready
Text: John 14

One of the things that really stood out for me in this message was that in order to be rapture-ready we have to remain (1 Thessalonians 4:16-18). It is not enough to produce some fruit, some times. Instead, God desires that we bring forth much fruit and that fruit should remain. To remain means to survive. Interestingly, a definition of survive is remnant. This lets us know that it will be an effort. Everyone is not going to be rapture ready. This behooves us to put forth the extra effort to be a part of that remnant. It is critical for us to remember that remaining is key.

T.W., Southfield, MI

Date: July 1, 2008
Speaker: Evangelist Robin Williams
Topic: Scripture & Prayer Part 1.1 (Prayer & Development of the Believer)
Sub-Topic: Expression of God's Desire
Text: Ephesians 3:8-21

Let me begin by saying that this lesson was jammed pack with information that is needed to fight the good fight of faith.  Especially when faced with the wind, so that we can walk on water.

The focus here for me, is centered around verses 16 - 21 in which God lists prayers that we are entitled to pray unto him daily.  God looked upon us, knew that we would need this information and then poured out his grace in a mighty way.  He prepared me in the calmness of July of 07 so that I could stand during the winds that came in 08... Financial difficulty, issues on my job, when my parents got ill and had to go into the hospital, dealing with my own health issues.  All of these things hit at once.  But, because I had been praying these prayers since then, God brought back to my remembrance in the midst of this chaos what he had said.  He let me know while the winds were fighting against me, that he was right there and I cried unto him...

  • Bless me to not faint in tribulations
  • Bless me to be strengthened with might by his spirit in the inner man
  • Bless that Christ would dwell in my heart by faith
  • Bless me to be rooted and grounded in love
  • Bless me to be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height of God's love
  • Bless me to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge
  • Bless me to be filled with all the fullness of God

This allowed me to see God's hand and stand firm on his word.

A.B., Sterling Heights, Michigan

As stated previously, Remnant Christian Assembly is dedicated to presenting EVERY MAN perfect in Christ Jesus! Covering topics such as these, under the unction of the Holy Ghost, and exposing people to God-ordained teachers and preachers will help accomplish just that.

Want more? Visit our Location and Services page and obtain directions to Remnant Christian Assembly.

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